Company Profile :

Institute of Information System & Research Center (IISRC) was founded with a mission of enhancing competitiveness in technology-based applied research. IISRC is a R&D based organization that promotes science & engineering research worldwide without any discrimination. IISRC provides a framework in which many Federal agencies come together to coordinate their information system (IS) research and development (R&D) efforts. It acts as a bridge between young and experienced professionals through series of activities such as workshops, conferences and journals. IISRC depends on researchers,academicians and corporate support for bridging relationships with existing scientific & engineering organizations and customizing relationships with standard bodies.

IISRC raises the research interest among researchers and endows the benefits to industrial practitioners by disseminating unimpeded access to the scientific research. It also persuades the research and development of innovative technology through excellence in education, research and service. 

Customers of IISRC can draw on our resources, expertise and accomplishment, which include :

  • R&D Professionals– IISRC has a pool of excellent researchers led by team leaders, who are prominent technologists in their fields, to carry out quality research.
  • Intellectual Properties– IISRC has produced a volume of intellectual properties (IPs).
  • Technologies Transfers– IISRC has been delivering useful technologies to customers in the form of service contracts, technology licenses and other forms of partnership.

Mission & Goals

IISRC exists to enhance competitiveness and sustainable growth in technology-based industries by undertaking innovative and customer-focused research and development to meet the needs of industry. We seek to become one of the best and most influential R&D centers to enhance value from competitive and continuous technological advances. We strive to deliver technologies that can eventually be transferred to industry in a cost-competitive way, creating economic impacts to our industrial clients and the community at large. 

IISRC Goals are :

  • performing relevant and high quality R&D for transfer to industry
  • enhancing technological human resources development
  • acting as a magnet to attract international R&D talent to work in IISRC
  • acting as spawning ground for technology entrepreneurs
  • promoting greater application of technology in industry
  • providing a focal point for industry-university collaboration in R&D.

Social Corporate Responsibility

As a responsible corporate citizen, IISRC works to enrich people’s lives by not only delivering technologies that can eventually be transferred to industry in a cost-competitive way for creating economic impacts, but also acting in full recognition of its social and environmental responsibilities as a company. 

In innovating and undertaking research, we are committed to enhancing contribution we make to society, sustaining economic performance and operating in an environmentally conscious and responsible manner