In a continuous drive to contribute to industries through pioneering research, IISRC makes a concerted effort to collaborate with international partners, aiming to enhance and facilitate the technology innovation and commercialization process in a rewarding and expedient manner.

Core Business and Service : Venture and Incubator As an international commercialization platform, match complementary innovative technology and industrial investor partners, and expedite new ventures and investments . R&D Collaboration :

  • As an international innovation platform, facilitate the i (institute) to i (institute) collaboration with emphasis on design driven innovation, capitalizing the strength of participating industries and research organizations.
  • Assist IISRC industries participate in international research consortium and alliance programs.
  • Assist IISRC organizations take part in international industrial standard/policy setting

Technology Scouting :

  • Search technology transfer and cooperation opportunities .
  • Disseminate information on transferable technologies to target industries

Recruitment, Exchange and Training :

  • Assist in recruiting qualified researchers from overseas
  • Facilitate expert exchanges with collaborating research organizations.

Assist in arranging seminars, meetings and trainings for skills upgrading and information sharing